Thursday, March 25, 2010

REAL Food by Dr. Sue

I found a new website, through, and thought I'd share one of their statements about the difference between today's food and our great-grandmother's era.  Today, we need to say our great-grandmother, as opposed to grandmother, because all the dubious ingredients and odd happenings to food started creeping in even by the post-war era of the late 40's.  Seems pre-war is better in buildings...and food!

My desire to feed my family REAL food is so strong, that sometimes I avoid hanging out with other families for dinner because of it.  Sad to say that so many folks are still not aware of the garbage that is passed off as real food.  Even worse is the fact that most parents are packing this stuff for kid' lunches, having it for dinner, and serving it to guests.

It is an effort to find, cook, and make sure you eat REAL food; I feel it is an effort worth making.  Almost everything that today plagues our health can be traced back to this fake food most are ingesting every day, every day, every--DAY!  I hope you'll read that statement's a big one.  You can deny it, ignore it, and reply with a "Happy Meal", but now it's in your head.  Glad I could put it there.

Here's the writings from Dr. Sue from her website  Hope you'll flip through her other stuff....lots to learn.

Dr. Sue writes:  Your great-grandmother didn't have high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils or enriched flour in her kitchen.  Nor did she have artificial colors, sweeteners or flavors.  Her family didn't eat food from animals that never saw the light of day, were overcrowded and caked in their own manure.  These animals didn't eat soy and corn, nor were  they medicated with steroids and antibiotics.  Your great-grandmother didn't prepare foods covered in pesticides or even worse,  foods filled with genetically-modified ingredients.  It wasn't available.  All of this fake food is relatively new, created in a lab by food companies who want foods that trick our taste buds, stay on shelves longer and cost them less.

You see, organic is a marketing term.  The reality is your great-grandmother fed her family organic foods and lots of local foods.  She didn't have to worry about navigating through all of the marketing lies, food labels, or grocery store aisles.  Food was REAL, unadulterated and nutrient dense.  She probably grew some of her own food and canned it for the winter months...imagine!

When we talk about REAL food, we're talking about the food our bodies were meant to eat and enjoy every day.  The food our bodies need to thrive at the cellular level.  The food our children deserve.  The food that will keep us and the planet healthy.

Remember, you vote with every bite!  What are you voting for?  Organic?  Local?  For a healthy family or planet?  You can change the world with every bite.  Choose REAL food!


Tracy said...

(grins) I got it in my head. "fake food that we eat every day, every DAY!"
You know, now that I think of it, I've kinda knew this without even having to read nourishing traditions.
This last school year I made a promise to myself that I would no longer add prepackaged fake food to my kids's lunches. Not all year and to my great surprise, I succeeded. Not once did they have packaged, over-processed food in their lunches.
But oh! I could do so much better. Help! There is so much to learn. But I will get there. Yep!

Nourishing Nancy said...

Hey Tracy! You might enjoy this article I wrote a bit ago. Hope it is helpful.