Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Spring!! Happy Cows!!

Yes!  Finally, the breath of Spring enters the air....and raw milk will once again be abundant.  I look forward to this time of year because, usually by now, our frozen milk supply has begun to dwindle.  I begin in the Fall to stock up on the raw milk I buy through our food coop, here in Riverhead.  By December, my freezer is so full, the thought of opening the door becomes a daunting thought.

Over the weekend, we had my in-laws over for an italian meal.  For desert, my son asked for some milk with the cookies they had brought; the milk with all the cream lying on top always elicits a look, a question, or both.  This time, however, the conversation wandered into reminiscing. They remembered when all milk was delivered like this--the cream on top (unhomogenized).  Raw milk was perhaps a rare occurance by the sixties, by un-homogenized was the norm.  They remembered fighting over the cap to lick the cream.  Yes, in those days people allowed children to eat fat....imagine that?!

I feel proud and a sense of safety for my family that we drink such amazing milk.  It is worth every funny look, fear-mongering comment, and misinformation that has ever been splashed at me.  I know this is how people have been drinking milk for millennia and it is how I would love to see all communities go back to drinking it.

For now, I'm just happy to be getting milk again from those happy cows from Upstate, New York.  They're happy because they are eating grass, as they were designed to eat; getting fresh air and sun, which helps every living creature; and living with dignity, because nature is the rule rather than the exception.  I hope you get to enjoy this'll never go back to that stuff that's labeled "milk" in your grocery store, again.  Moo!

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