Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mighty Neighborly of You

I have a friend, here on the North Fork, who raises her own chickens and geese for the delicious eggs they so graciously supply daily.  It was a normal part of life for most citizens a few generations ago, especially in rural areas, to have chickens and other livestock of your own.  Today, most people simply stand on line at Waldbaum's for something that resembles real eggs.
If you have never had the good grace of having REAL pastured eggs, I suggest you seek them out.  The difference is quite marked.  The taste is much more flavorful, the color of the yolk (if the chickens are getting sunshine. insects, and greens)  is anywhere from a deep yellow to an incredible deep ORANGE--I mean orange, too!--and the nutritional value skyrockets!

I just read on Weston A. Price Foundation's facebook page that someone loves their raw milk so much that they are going to buy a Jersey cow!  Now, that my friend's is dedication.  I would love to raise my own animals, but to be frank:  I know exactly what goes into it.  Think taking care of a puppy is a lot of work?

I'm honest enough with myself to admit when something is over my head.  With three kids and a new puppy, raising Clarabelle and the chics is way over!!  I'm very fortunate to have friends who have the energy, time, and patience to put into raising their animals so I can simply make a donation to the food supply and share in the bounty.

It is too sad today that the food you buy from the supermarkets is so suspect that we must seek out other food sources.  However, even though most of America saw what's really going on in our modern day food industry on Oprah, I still doubt most people will put in the effort to seek out other food sources at all.  Not only does it take a great effort (or atleast going out of your way a bit more), but it takes knowing who and where to go to get this alternate food.  Food that is grown and raised properly and where you know the source personally.

 I lucked out with a husband who hunts (the best meats you'll find), and I live in an area where people have surplus property to raise animals.  I also joined a co-op to purchase other meats, raw milk, raw cheese, raw butter, and sprouted grains.  Looking back, I did think it all a bit strange and extremist when I first embarked on this journey....but once you taste REAL food and see the results in your family, I can't imagine any other way of eating.

I can imagine a world of people happily exchanging food the way they used to before the advent of the Super-market.  I can imagine going local for all foods:  To Jenny for your eggs, Steve for your milk and dairy products, and Ernie for your maple syrup and fermented products.  Perhaps you'd be coming to me for some fermented chutney's, or even some soaked and oven dried nuts.  With awareness, who knows where we're headed!  

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