Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Whole Foods Sucks"

Catchy name, I hope?! Nourishing, after "Nourishing Traditions", by Sally Fallon, and Nancy, after all it is my name. I was going to call this blog "Whole Foods Sucks" to get some immediate attention; not because I hate Whole Foods, other than their lowfat/vegetarian agenda, but because of another blog I read which is making a big stink about said agenda. I did use it in the title, forgive me.
The blog was by Raime Saunders, and she's on the Weston A. Price Foundation's team; Whole Foods is, for lack of a better analogy, playing offense. You can go onto to read the whole (excuse the pun) article.
Whole Foods is, like Wild-by-Nature and countless other organizations, backing the ole' lowfat diet with limited or no animal products. The WAPF is trying to counterbalance that through information passed down from traditional peoples the world over. Raime is a very informed linebacker and scores several times. Raime also wrote a cool book on tooth decay called, "Cure Tooth Decay", which I read feverishly trying to fix my child's teeth that were rotting out when emerging from the gums (I can thank a vegetarian diet for that one).
I guess I'm thinking football due to all the aggression that sometimes comes with finding our way to ourselves. Everything we do, think, and act upon defines who we are and are becoming. Following the wise dietary advice of Weston A Price has been part of my journey and many others. Answering to others about that choice has always caused some hairs on my neck to bristle. There have been outright battles to stuffy feelings in my kitchen when others bring their own ideas of nutrition (or lack thereof) into my lair! And, yes, I have been known to turn into a fire breathing dragon when confronted.
I wrote on Raime's blog that we need to keep our focus on the positive, that so many people are unaware of...well, anything nutritious. Takeout IS their idea of a home cooked meal.
We tend to attract what we are focused on (some philosophy from Abraham-Hicks), I reminded Raime. You see, when this guy, named Chad, attacked Raime for "negative" comments about vegetarians, I saw the smoke venting through my nostrils. I could sense her frustration with this dude, too. Once I calmed my own ego down, I realized that that is where their conversation had gone (no offense meant to anyone here). Something I had been liable for many times before, and now could recognize in someone else--someone on "my team".
Yes, it's great to share our ideas and, hopefully, attract others to our playing field. It's fun and exhilarating to meet others whom we feel akin to, but equally exhausting to clash with others who do not greet our dietary beliefs with as much enthusiasm. It has become a "Religion of Foodies", with each group fighting for higher moral ground concerning what we eat for supper.
I feel warmly comforted by my knowledge that this diet is the diet of traditional, unmodernized people; that when America was a stronger, healthier nation, we ate pastured meats, eggs, whole unhomogenized milk (raw, as well), liver and other organ meats; and that soooo many people are turning on to this diet today. Deep down, I think most people truly are yearning for this type of diet--I know I was when I became a vegetarian and thought that was the answer. Let's face it, real food tastes like REAL food, because it is.
I have high hopes for this country, along with the rest of the world, coming back to traditional foods. I do think, though, that the path to people finding us must be won with love and patience. Seekers will always find us: We on the WAPF team. Rising above the name calling can be trying, but it must be done. Now, I sound like a pacifist with a bible in my hand....oh boy, I'll leave well enough alone.


Raine Saunders said...

Hi Nancy! I am glad to see you blogging, and I am flattered that you mentioned my blog on yours! I think the name of your site is perfect! It's definitely a worthwhile endeavor, blogging about real food. Keep it up and come over and visit anytime you can. I hope your efforts inspire others too, as that is the real reward in doing it. I'll be checking back to see your progress! Thanks much Nancy!


Nourishing Nancy said...

Hi Raine, Oh my gosh, how exciting! I sound like a silly kid, but I'm honored you commented! I'll keep in touch, and thanks again for the support.
Teamplayer Nancy

Anonymous said...

Right on! Love your work so far...hope to see it continue!

Nourishing Nancy said...

thanks for the to hear it!! keep tuning in!!