Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Do We Feed Our Children For Lunch?

Making lunches every weeknight for my children is NOT the sweetest part of my day.  Usually, I'm getting tired from a long day, my kitchen is still a mess, and my kids are still not in their PJs.  Religiously, however, I perform this ritual to ensure that they are bringing something "nourishing" to school, because you can be certain the schools are not doing that for me!
Have you ever gone to the school and experienced the lunches?  Frankenstein meets Captain Crunch comes to mind.  Leaving the health of your children to the companies who supply this food is a really bad idea.  Unfortunately, since not many moms know what real food is, they don't know enough to tackle this issue.
Again, the "Nourishing Traditions" book has some wonderful ideas, and I wrote an article for that outlines the whole thing.  I've included a link and hope you'll read and use some or all of the ideas.  Every little bit helps!
Well fed kids=happy, smart, well-mannered kids!

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