Monday, April 5, 2010

Post Bunny Blues

Now that the Easter Bunny has gone into hiding again till next year, it's time to clean up our gut from the calamitous forage into white sugar's grip!  Ooh!  Like that!  Let's add some good ole' probiotics and enzymes to our digestive track to eat up what the Easter Bunny left behind.

Too many candies and sweets can really wreck havoc with our immune system, starting with our intestinal tract that, by this time, is screaming for some assistance!  Give it some helpful kefir (pronounced ke-feer) to do the trick.  A good yogurt is also a an option, as is any fermented unpasteurized drinks (like kombucha) or fermented veggies or chutneys.  These products eat up sugar fast than you can chow down on a 12 oz. chocolate duck!

"Nourishing Traditions" has many recipes for fermenting vegetables, fruits, and chutneys, and even drinks. If that just sounds like too much work after cooking for an army of people this weekend, most health food stores carry an array of fermented products.  Try to keep it organic with few additives, and your system should be up and running....purring, in fact, in no time!


Tracy said...

Hey! this is the first time I've heard that fermenited foods do up the sugar. Does this eating up of the sugar happen right away? or does it take a few hours.
I'm wondering because when I give in to a craving and have a large amount of sugar, I'd like to think that if I just chugged down some fermented food immediately after that it would nullify the effects of the sugar.
Is this wishful thinking?

Nourishing Nancy said...

Just keep a healthy flora in your gut by consuming fermented beverages and foods (kombucha, kefir, yoghurt, fermented veggies and fruits) and your digestive system will take care of the rest. I like sweets, as well, and down some kombucha right after a cookie or two.