Monday, July 26, 2010

"Eclipse" Native Americans Need Weston Price Makeover!

For those of you who've visited me before, you may or may not have noticed my Edward Cullen quotes at the bottom of my blog:  This means I'm a Twilighter, as well as being a Real Foodie, and that I've, of course, seen the newest film, "Eclipse" (fours times, but who's counting).   "Eclipse" brought in some Queluete  (this is a Northern Pacific Native American tribe) tribes people from the past.  I'm sorry, but I just need to comment:

The Native Americans they showed from the 1700's--I believe that was the time period, judging from the clothing--had horrible teeth (all crooked and yellow), narrow faces (obviously aiding in the crooked teeth), and pock marked faces.  Native Americans of the past, before the advent of the white man's food, were described, in many accounts from travelers of those days, as being of strong stature, beautiful well-formed faces, and perfect white teeth; so beautiful were these people that the white people's description was one of utter awe in their meetings with Native Americans of the past.   They seemed to describe them as the ultimate in human example.

They ate all the foods that Weston A. Price discovered back in the 1930's:  Pastured animals, as they hunted in the wild, full fat meats (Native peoples threw away lean meat as unfit for human consumption), some fermented or soaked grains, and fish, where available.  Their physical appearance was one of magnificence because they ate a diet that produced the ultimate in healthy humans.

How did they know what to eat?  We know that information was passed down from generation to generation;  much like teaching life skills to the young:  Food education was of top priority to these folks due to their, obvious, cause and effect seen in their babies.  "We eat this because it makes healthy babies" was translated over and over from tribe to tribe all over the globe.

They listened to their instinct; they watched nature and other animals; they trusted in their knowledge and were rewarded for this vigilance:  Native Americans, like many other indigenous peoples, were free of many of the diseases that are rampant in today's society and had perfect teeth--no dental caries, no need for braces.

The producers of "Eclipse" were, assuredly, unaware of this very important detail:  They also were using today's Native Americans who, sadly, are just as mangled from modern foods as the rest of modern society.  Can you imagine what those original peoples looked like?  Can you imagine what we, ourselves, would look like, and feel like, if we had an original diet?

I'm not sure that feeding these healthy foods to my children today will produce those "perfect babies" of days-gone-by in one generation, but I know it's a beginning; I know that in a few generations we could be back to where we once were-- if only we would see the light and realize we could all use a Weston Price Makeover.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


What the "bleep" happened to my Kombucha?!  Really!  I went shopping with the kids at Wild by Nature the other day, and when I went to grab my beloved Kombucha--there were none; not only of one brand, but ALL brands were off the shelf.  I literally could feel my blood pressure building as I created a scenario of the story and then the REAL story of what was going on.

The answer from the customer service girl was "oh, yeah, they recalled Kombucha", and she handed me a sheet of utterly useless information.  It gave me not a hint of the back story.  Later after googling the event, a photo of Lindsay Lohan came up holding a bottle with a statement from GT Kombucha that this incident had nothing to do with Lindsay.  Apparently Lindsay has used up her lot of alcohol in this lifetime, so .05 percent more in one day set off the SCRAM police?

The possible elevated alcohol level is the reason it was "voluntarily" taken off the shelves.  A guy who is making a killing on a product that has gone from a single flavor (original) to over a dozen different flavors, doesn't "voluntarily" stop doing business without an amazing amount of fear to precipitate that event.  So, who made the call to Whole Foods that Kombucha (the healthiest thing to hit the grocery shelves in decades) may have a slightly happier amount of alcohol in it than intended (if that's even true)?  I don't know.  

That is the real story here; the other is why everything healthy is being so attacked in this country.  My friend sent me a youtube link that brought up lots of conspiracy theories about the groups that may really be running this world--this, right after seeing that, makes me want to throw my TV out the second floor window shouting "WE'RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE"!  Or at least....I'll see if I can locate a baby to start making my own Kombucha.  Meanwhile my inner hippy is still chanting:  Never trust the Man!
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