Saturday, March 6, 2010

Where's The Beef....Coming From?

So, excuse me if there are a few typos this evening, as I'm home from Bryant and Cooper after a stiff Cosmo and tall glass of Cabernet.  Alright, it was Merlot....hard to admit after "Sideways".  Bryant and Cooper is a super high-end hotspot in Manhasset.  They serve steaks and steaks and--steaks.
I couldn't help thinking about where this steak was before it filled my plate.  If you've read "Omnivore's Dilemma", then you already know what confinement cows go through:  Standing in their own sea of feces,  constant need for antitbiotics due to eating grain, which a cow was not born to eat, infections, cancer....ugh.  Not what I kept in my mind whilst ruminating my tender piece of filet mignon.
Yes, sometimes even though you know what constitutes a truly healthful food, you either eat what's served or stay at home.  Most restaurants have not become enlightened about grass fed beef; it would have been sitting on my plate were it so.  A cross-my-heart, hope-to-die, honest opinion is that confinement cow beef is a very distant second to grass fed beef.
Now, mind you, this was a very upscale restaurant.  They offer the best of the best to their customers--they are, after all paying a high enough price for it.  However, their best is not as flavorful, as juicy, or, most certainly,  nutrient-dense as grass fed beef....or venison!  My husband, being the great white hunter, brought us an abundance of venison this year.  Every cut is full of flavor and just blows away the beef I had tonight.  Amazingly, I'd bet less than a handful of people in the restaurant would even know that.
Public awareness and demand must continue to rise to change what is sold in eateries and food stores.  That's where the WAPF and blogs like this come in.  Awareness, baby, an awakening!
Oh, and about those drinks I indulged on.....I drank my kefir to eat up some of the sugars when I returned home.  Thank the Goddess Saraswati  for spellcheck and.....DON'T tell Sally.

Sweet dreams of nutrient-dense foods!

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