Friday, March 5, 2010

Kefir in Waldbaums?

I felt a bit fashion forward the other day when carousing Waldbaums and saw kefir!  If  you aren't already familiar, kefir is a probiotic drink much like yogurt, only not as thick and a bit sweeter.  It's a real staple for me and my family when adding good bacteria into all of our guts.
When I first drank this and told friends and family about it they gave me a look like dogs do when their trying to figure you out.  It is pronounced Ke-Feer, by the way.  It's the way the Europeans pronounce it, and that's good enough for me.
Never expected to see this in Waldbaums, but I guess kefir has gone mainstream.  With it now being common knowledge that your intestinal tract is a major part of our immune system, corporate interest has spiked.  I'm glad to see this positive change, except-- watch what you're buying.  Buy the highest quality kefir you can find.  The corporate ones have dubious additives and who knows if it is active any longer.  The longer it's on the shelf, the less bang for the buck.
Now if you want the BEST kefir:  Get some pasture raised raw milk and ferment it yourself.  I have a friend I get it from occasionally.  I'm sometimes too busy or lazy to do it myself.  Perhaps I should have called my blog "The Lazy Nutritionist".
I will always defer to Sally Fallon and the "Nourishing Traditions" book for all recipes for fermenting loads of things.  With her recipes, I think you could ferment  my mom's old slippers and they'd be mighty tasty.  Fermentation increases the nutrient content of every food it interacts with.  So check out Sally's book; a book I can't recommend enough....or live without!
Eat Well--Live Well!

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