Sunday, September 12, 2010

Raw milk for sale in PA

I just returned from a visit to Pennsylvania, where my parents live, and also where I bought raw milk.... in a STORE.  I had to pinch myself, really; how come I can't buy this in a store in New York?  Oh yes, a little thing called legality.

It is still a complete, unimaginable perplexity to me to realize that an amazingly healthy food/drink like milk can be deemed illegal in this state, or any state for that matter.  The fact that it is not boiled to death should have no bearing on it's sale, in my opinion.  It is only a choice of whether you like your milk with nutrients in it or not; the same way some like their milk with chocolate in it or not.

I realize that there are many people in total ignorance about the topic:  My father won't touch the stuff for fear of needing a serious dose of antibiotics shortly after consuming it.  It is something that took me a moment to get used to when I started drinking it.  Fear put in our minds by authority figures can be debilitating, sometimes.  However, the powers that be are totally aware of both said fact and that they have no claims to back up their fear mongering.  So the practice of controlling this healthy substance continues.

I could be walking to the corner store to buy my wholesome raw milk--because it is my choice, because it is my right to make up my mind about what enters my body, and because no one has stopped it from going from our local friendly farmer to my local store;  unfortunately, that is not the case in my home state of NY because it is illegal here.

I support every effort to make raw milk available to all who are astute enough to want to buy it.  I support the right for farmers to sell that choice to consumers.  Here's to a future returning to the land of milk and honey....a land rich in health!  

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