Friday, September 24, 2010

Nutrition course for teens

I'm absolutely signing up for this course on teaching teens (I have two...well, one's a tween) nutrition. It's not that I don't, somehow, interject my beliefs on nutrition, at least once a day; or show them how to cook something to make it more nutritous, but this course is seperate from me. Yeah, and sometimes kids learn differently from others than they do from Mom:  "Mom says that all the time", is an anthem running through their heads, but not necessarily a deep learned skill. Even homeschooled children are sent to other parent's homes for that very reason.

It's also good to support others who are spreading this most vital message to our children:  Our children will be the teachers, mothers, and lawmakers one day. Information about real food, butter, healthy animal fats, pasture raised animals; and packing your body with nutrient dense foods before having children, once you are pregnant and while you nurse, are skills for life. Teaching this information now may produce a different outcome for your children's children--basically, your grandchildren!

Hope you'll give it a look!  Thanks for reading.

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