Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fresh and Sour Is Only For REAL Milk

Just heard something on the radio on the way home this morning about a couple of blokes in England that thought up a cute new gimmick for milk cartons:  They will show the words "fresh" and "sour", accordingly.  The announcers were thrilled, but it made me think:  That's not accurate!

To use those terms, fresh and sour, it would need to be REAL raw milk.  Fresh milk, in many countries, means unpastuerized milk.  There's truth in that, as that's the freshest milk you'll get!  Check out imported cheeses....if it says "fresh", it means unpasteurized, or raw, milk.  And the usage of sour is incorrect, as well.  Pasteurized milk goes RANCID!  All the live enzymes (and basically everything else that makes milk a health food) is lost when you pasteurize milk.  It no longer can naturally change into a soured milk...which is another wonderful transformation of REAL raw milk.

Only REAL raw milk sours;  pasteurized milk becomes...garbage.  Fresh milk is raw milk.  The white stuff you buy in Stop and Shop is a milk food--just like Cheese Wiz.  Perhaps that will be the next new gimmick for milk.....milk in a can?!   Perish the thought.

Check out www.realmilk.com for info on raw milk!


Tracy said...

It's hard being a dairy farmer and knowing this truth about pasturized milk.
My hubby knows but he needs to make a living and here in Canada we are NOT ALLOWED to sell raw milk. But we are suppling a demand and not until the people demand raw milk will the government change the regulations. So we go on selling the masses what they seem to want...pasturized milk.

Nourishing Nancy said...

Unfortunately, Tracy, it's all people know. I think we all owe it to ourselves to keep educated. Asking questions always finds it's way to answers. Funny, but I was actually scared the first time I and my family drank raw milk. So much propaganda out there, I thought we would be rushed to the hospital after one sip. Crazy, but that is what one small side of me was secretly thinking. Being the warrior princess I see myself as, though, I charged on and downed a whole glass. After finding it delicious....and not passing out, I let the fam try, and they loved it, too. Raw milk made sense to me, but, as you can see, I was still touched by the mass hysteria passed to us via the powers that be (govn't, medical community, scientic community, etc.). Totally understand your situation in selling what sells. We all need to eat! Are you allowed to sell raw milk directly from you farm? Sorry, not up on the regulations in Canada. Gee, and I thought you guys were hipper than we. Oh well, you can't hold a good thing down....raw milk will have it's day. In the meantime, my family enjoys it daily. Oh, do you feed it to your own family? Thanks again for commenting.

Tracy said...

In some ways we are hippier then the states but not with milk.
We are absolutely NOT allowed to sell raw milk 'on the side'
They even pressure us to refrain from drinking our own milk from our own cows.
I grew up on a dairy and always drank raw milk, my kids also have always drank milk straight from the cow.
I just never thought to try and make dairy products from my own wholesome, raw, living, real milk! It's time to get learning.

Nourishing Nancy said...

Gosh! It's like the dark ages...really! Girl, you've got the whole kit and kaboodle right in your own backyard! Have fun with it!! I even make Real Raw Ice CREAM with the cream I get from the co op! Raw egg yolks and all! I'll post that recipe if you'd like, but it is in the Nourishing Traditions book.