Friday, October 8, 2010

Colbert Report on Raw Milk: great parody with some truth!

The Colbert Report on raw milk is well done! It makes a joke out of a raw milk raid recently in California. My guess, however, is that no one doing the parody actually knows about raw milk's true benefits. It's possible that the jokes about the possiblity of illness from raw milk was used to balance out the piece; I would have preferred if they asked the FDA to show them documentation of those illnesses that they claim is the reason for protecting the public from this health food.

It is a positive thing, though, to see a parody done on the topic. This is definitely a testament to the fact that the issue of raw milk and the FDA harrassment is making people pay attention. There was also an article this month in Time magazine.

I have said it before, and I am not alone in this thought, but this is a real issue of our freedom.  Food freedom is our right, and protecting that right starts with voting! It also involves making healthy choices, and supporting small farmers. Now, I think I'll down a large glass of cold grass fed raw milk---and draw the shades before I do so.

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