Friday, October 22, 2010

Can't stomach vegans anymore

I always try to keep my posts positive, but today's one of those days. My examiner articles are to be professional and journalist like; here I get to say it like I feels it. I just need to clear the cyber air a bit about militant vegans: I've never seen/read anything like it!
I, stupidly, did some snooping around today on some other examiner articles and, much to my dismay, kept winding up on vegan examiner spots. Now, I was a vegetarian/vegan for several years. My reasons are my own for doing it, but I will say I was very devoted to it. I was misguided, however, into thinking that that was where real food was found. Real food is what has been eaten on this planet for millennia: that includes animal foods, sorry, but it does. I now know animal foods are important to eat and I know they're what the body needs, because my first daughter was born with telltale signs of deficiency: rotting teeth, missing teeth, allergies, asthma, eczema, a narrow face, a too small palate, colic...shall I go on? I think I made my point.
Unfortunately, I didn't find this out until after my third child was almost one. I did go back to eating meat, but there's so much I have learned through the Weston A. Price Foundation that I wish I knew before I had to see physical evidence of lack of nutrition.
While I was a vegan, though, I don't remember screaming (or cyber screaming) at anyone about my beliefs. If asked I gave my reasons for my choices, but I didn't try to convert anyone. I did try to convert my now husband into a non-hunter, but I cook the meat he brings home now; so you can see how aggressive I was about things.
It's sad to see so many people fighting over this issue, and, honestly, I see most of the belligerence coming from the vegan camp. I can respect their views to not want to eat "anything with a face": I get it, I was there once. What I can not stomach is the complete denial of a way of living that has been going on for as long as humans have farmed: Can the vegan mentality not at least give some credence to the fact that animals on pasture feed the earth and the animals feed us? That not all land is perfect for farming vegetation and can be used to feed animals which can then feed us? Even if they turn away from the eating of the animal for belief's sake, can they not see the logic in a sane and ecologically sound system, for Pete's sake?
I read a whole long article on Mother Jones magazine online about different opinions from different informed writers. Out of four, only one was in favor of what I just wrote: Joel Salatin, who is a pioneer farmer of Polyface Farm. His comments were amazingly coherent, and I actually got some insight from them. The rest were in favor of a completely, or at least mostly, vegetarian/vegan planet.
What shocked me the most were the comments: 90% percent were cyber screaming at Joel Salatin. The audience couldn't even give some air time to his farming views. Even if they disagreed with his eating views, how do your eyes not open when hearing about his farming practices? I mean, this is what we have lost...our history of farming is born again in this man, and people still don't get it. They are still screaming the same facts they spew at factory farmers...they just don't get it.
I'm just sad that's all. But mostly I just needed to get it out. I didn't post any comments back to the screamers, but it did affect me enough to write about it.
I write because I hope to share, to enlighten, to inspire others to a healthier way of eating; one that tastes great, is great for you, and great for the planet. If you choose not to read, I promise I won't look you up and cyber scream you a new one.


Elizabeth said...

I totally agree. I feel a similar way. Joel Salatins farming practices, are traditional, and in perfect balance with mother earth and the natural life cycles. It's one perfect cycle that feeds itself. Vegans wouldn't make it very far if the animals weren't nourishing the soil with their manure!! The life cycle of plants (and vegans!) would be VERY grim without nautral animal wastes fertilizing the earth!
I also feel frustrated- I watched an episode of Biggest Loser where Bob the trainer shows half the contestents "the way" he eats- vegan. I feel sorry for americans who watch the show and think that's the answer to their health. All the veggies looked gorgeous- but looked SO dry lacking BUTTER! I knew if I were to eat those "roasted veggies" without any butter, my tummy would be aching and I'd be running for the sweets after the meal because lack of satiety. sigh. I feel a similar frustration with the "low fat" scheme- people just don't know any better, but I wish they did.

Nourishing Nancy said...

Wow, Elizabeth, thanks for letting me rant! I was almost afraid to read the post, thinking it might be an infuriated vegan with a knife to sharpen...on me. Glad it turned out to be you: A kindred spirit, eh? Like I said, leave the meat if it's against your thang, but honoring a brave man, who is blazing a path for others to follow, would have been a better conversation than the ones that were thrown at him. Glad to see you checking out my info and will do the same with you. You can also follow me on Twitter, Digg, and Stumbleupon; or just go to my examiner page:! Thanks for the genuine comments.