Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Learning about raw milk everyday

Just posted another article at It is the fourth installment outlining different things about raw milk. I started by writing about the difference between the "play" milk, most consumer's buy, and the natural living food, that you have to put some energy in getting, only in a more diplomatic tone.
It was just going to be one article, mind you. Then my thoughts went from not only how heat changes this food, but the history of when and why pasteurization began. That led me to what effects homogenization have on milk, and the fourth one focused on the economic benefits to farmers of raw milk.
Each article brought research with it; I knew much of the information, but reading it again helped me to focus my thoughts. It's sort of like when you look up a word in the dictionary: You wind up looking up ten other words, out of curiosity, before you remember to look up the word that brought you to the dictionary.
I didn't realize until today that we have the right to drink milk in it's unadulterated state in every state of this country. Somewhere inside my head, I thought I was harboring an illegal substance in my house; something that made me feel a touch of intelligent defiance; kind of like people reading important literature in the face of the book burnings.
Someday, there may be a movie made about this grand stand for freedom that each of us takes by purchasing a liquid that has become such a bright red target. I guess that is a positive place to start from: Now the only thing left to do is to make it legal to sell raw milk from any state in the union. We're better off than I thought!

Keep it positive and keep it real!


Ali Naomi said...

Hey Nancy! Alison here. It was so good meeting you this weekend! I'm really glad you got to go to part of the conference. It really was one of the best weekends of me life. I'm excited to be following your blog now!

Nourishing Nancy said...

Oh, my gosh!! Amazing to hear from you!! Had a great time, too! One day was better than time I'll work in the whole weekend.
Lovely meeting you, your friend and mother. Thanks for following me!!

Anonymous said...

The thing that sucks is that the FDA doesn't think that we have the right to buy the food we want from who we want! :(