Monday, August 16, 2010

Stop factory farming...really?

Following a silver Prius today, I saw a bumper sticker that said, " STOP Factory Farming!!".  Great, I thought, others are getting the message about the Abominable Snow Monster that has eaten all the small farms across the country; but will we really every stop the factory farming??  Really?

In my humble opinion, that is a ship that has sailed, and will continue to sail, for probably as long as this planet turns.  Perhaps I am a pessimist, but I'm also a realist:  Factory Farms make money....and lots of it. This is how we feed the masses, and the masses don't care about where the food comes from or how it came to be; they only care about how much they have to pay for it, and how it tastes.  

Wow, that's harsh, right?  Yes, but in that dark cloud lies a silver, maybe even golden, lining:  You and I can still do what we do; we can still spread the word about how important small farmers are--how they help the local economy, the planet, and our bodies by giving us nutrient dense foods; we can still buy locally, and write our blogs, and teach our children what's truly nourishing to our bodies.  What we can't do is stop a steaming locomotive that will have it's way because it has the money and power to do so.

Focus on what you want and resist the urge to fight what is; that's going the wrong way....and it's exhausting.  Stay positive folks!  Just by spreading the word we enlighten so many others:  That is the way to salvation and a great grass-fed burger!


Tracy said...

As soon as the masses insist on local, small farm foods and boycott the big farms...that's when things will change.

Won't happen my opinion.

About grass fed beef. Cows do eat grains in the wild. As summer turns to autumn, the grasses head out (bear seed)and the cows eat those seeds. Those seeds are the grain of the plant. So grain finished beef is natural too. What do you think?

Good post! Thanks

Nourishing Nancy said...

Sad, but true, Tracy. Must be frustrating to someone like yourself and your family. Still, many many more people are now aware of the importance of where you get your food from. Things are at least opening up for small farmers again.
As for the grass fed beef: Seeds from plants are a far cry from industrial corn fed to cows of the factory farms in discussion. Industrial corn is full of pesticides, chemicals, and genetically modified; and that's just touching the surface of what goes into producing the corn fed to confinement cows. If your cows are eating seeds in the fall, I'd say that's a pretty natural process. Interesting view of grass fed/grain fed--first I have heard of that. Thanks for education. See what we can all learn from our small farmers!