Friday, June 25, 2010


Food.  What an amazing topic.  Each and every one of us have different tastes and a different relationship with food.  I try and write about my feelings on discovering how important foods that truly nourish our bodies are.  I aim to inspire, even incite you to bring this into your own homes.  Our children are in our hands with this issue, and so it carries much weight, in my book.

A friend, who is very spiritual, invited me to listen in on a podcast of some indigenous elders (grandmother's, to be precise) who would be sharing some important messages and stories on healing our ailing "Mother Earth".  I noticed that there was mention of sacred earth, sacred ceremonies, and other sacreds, but no mention of sacred foods.  Is it possible that these indigenous grandmas had forgotten what a good bone broth could do for the sacred people of mother earth?

I was, and still am into many spiritual ideals.  I've studied and observed many different studies from wicca, buddhism, astrology, chanting, all the way up to the spirit of Abraham (which in my book, makes the most common sense), but none of them have addressed this Sacred Food issue.  I feel strongly that food needs to have something nutritious to really feed our bodies, and be prepared with love to truly feed our souls.

I wrote about this issue in my last post, but I was startled to see the omission of the word foods from the other sacred things mentioned in anything attached to indigenous people.  If there is one great wisdom these individuals have to share, it is there knowledge of Sacred Foods (fish eggs, shellfish, organ meats, etc).

Thinking about what we are eating and honoring this process is something I will continue to bring up.  I think we need to hear it.  Again.  And again.  And again.


Tracy said...

The Bible has a lot to say about food and eating. Have you studied that?
I am a Christian and I find that the Bible follows closely with what Nourishing Traditions and Weston A. Price have to say.
I'm not sure yet where you are going with sacred yet? Will keep posted.
At this time I am camping with my family in Utah. I don't have so much time to persue blogs, but I enjoy yours, and will stop by whenever I have a moment.

Nourishing Nancy said...

I've heard of what is called a biblical diet, and know a bit about it. I've also noticed that Weston Price draws an array of followers, including many Christians. Since his findings are based on what traditional people, before the advent of modern foods, where eating and preparing for...ever, I'm not surprised that many of the dietary principles line up.
What I've read about indigenous, unmodernized peoples was that they regarded many foods ( fish eggs, shellfish, liver and other organ meats) as "sacred". They viewed them as such because they realized the connection between eating those sacred foods and giving birth to strong heathy babies. Wish more people today would realize the same thing! Workin' on it.

Nourishing Nancy said...
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