Friday, May 21, 2010

Cool Video!!

I've always equated learning about the REAL food movement and the Matrix movie.  Hope watching this was informative and awakening in a Cartoon Channel kind of way.

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Tracy said...

This makes me so sad. We also feel a bit of a push to become bigger and more effecient at the expence of our animals health. Yet, here in Canada it is far better then in the states. We have strict regulations on Animal Health. They have to have lots of space, fresh air, sunshine amd are not fed antiboitics unless they get sick. And when they are sick they are treated well and placed in the hospital pens and their milk is not allowed to be consumed by humans for a week after the treatment. They are not given hormones either.
We love our animals and are very good to them and hate how some farms are crowding their animals in small pens just for the sake of profit. But remember that many farmers that are doing it hate it too, but it's either that or the big companies will drop them and there goes there lively-hood.
Farmers just want to give the people the best products...they really do!